What MatchKit is about?

MatchKit is committed to making athletes financially fit with a variety of online tools, all accessible in one focused professional platform.


For Athletes

Athletes are experts when it comes to on-field performance. MatchKit provides them with the same commitment when it comes to off-field opportunities, allowing them to realize their commercial potential.


For Teams

Athletes are the most important assets of the team or organization. Without them, there is no victory, no games, no identity. MatchKit operates as a strategic partner here to make athletes central to commercial plans and growth.


For Sponsors

Sport provides brands with the perfect platform to amplify and elevate their products and services. MatchKit ensures they are working with the right sport and the right athletes to match their brand identity and purpose.

MatchKit’s team represents a sort of avengers of sports marketing

Bryan Habana

A true global icon from the sport of rugby union, Bryan Habana is still to this day the blueprint of an athlete that leveraged on-field success for off-field earning opportunities. His experience and insights as a co-founder are central to the formation of MatchKit.

Ben Karpinski

Brand marketing and content creation have been Ben’s professional strengths for over a decade. But his passion and knowledge of global sports made him a unique driving force in the creation and growth of MatchKit.

Carli Schoeman

Building and designing seamless tech solutions that make a difference is Carli’s passion, especially when it comes to sports and how it can enrich an athlete’s bottom line. She’s a strategic thinker and connector - which underpins the thinking behind the MatchKit platform.

Mike Sharman

Serial media entrepreneur with a penchant for incubating business - service and tech - from bootstrapping to millions of USD in revenue. A viral and influencer marketing pioneer with more than 15 years of experience; his digital marketing agency, Retroviral has made more brands go viral, globally than any other agency in Africa.

Shaka Sisulu

Regulatory and corporate affairs. Shaka is an investor with extensive crowdfund and activations, influencer marketing, and analytics experience. Shaka Sisulu has co-founded and worked in various media and IT ventures, including the telecommunications wing of the $300m ITEC group. In 2006, he co-founded Cheesekids for Humanity, popularly known as Cheesekids, a 20,000-strong volunteer movement.

MatchKit is proudly associated with StartUpBootCamp Australia